A Visit - Aston Martin Residences Miami, FL

On July 13, walking around Brickell Key, I had a vision: on the other side of the Miami River, stood before me cranes. Yes, cranes!

The construction type. Not that this is unusual in a city constantly reinventing itself like beautiful Miami. But this was on the very last piece of waterfront land available in Downtown Miami. That alone would be special but there is more:

I was witnessing the very beginning of one of the most beautiful and ambitious projects in awhile, the birth of ASTON MARTIN RESIDENCES.

And I had a chance to get the Grand Tour with my partner that very same day.

What can I say? I was stunned!

The very first sight entering the sales gallery is two of the car maker’s iconic models. Then, in the model apartment, the builder showcases the luxurious finishes, the attention to details, the ceiling height, the Florida light, the calming energy to be surrounded by water and sunlight. In short: everything. In every single detail, the unique style of Aston Martin breathes.

This is the world’s first residential project signed by the ultra luxury car maker.

The pictures that follow are non profesional and were taking with my camera phone but will help to convey a candid view of the project, sometimes more realistic than the polished commercials.

We thank Anthony and his team for their help, and would love to help you enjoy Miami’s most luxurious tower as owner and resident.

Projects compete all the time to offer more and more. So we wish the best of luck to Aston Martin Residences and to the Coto family that is making it possible.

Project Highlights:

  • Number of floors: 65

  • Residential units: 391

  • Prices: from USD 1.4 million to over 7 million

  • Developer: G&G Business developments LLC

  • Architects: BMA & Revuelta Architecture International

  • Interiors and public spaces: BMA

Services that will be offered that delighted me:

  • Beach Club at the Key Biscayne Ritz Carlton. For this service, you’ll be picked up by at the property’s dock in a luxury yacht

  • Aston Martin membership

  • Private helipad

  • Concierge service

  • Marina for super yachts

  • Valet parking 24 hour

  • Art gallery

  • Virtual golf

Other services:

  • 10 High speed elevators

  • Luxurious pools & spa

  • Top of the line gym

  • Theatres

  • Kids playroom

  • Pet Friendly building and so much more.

by Andrea Mantilla


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